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I haven't drawn much lately, which is why I haven't really posted on my deviantART account.  I've been sewing much more, but not anything spectacular that I actually want to post and share.

To get back into drawing, I'm going to try to log into deviantART more.

So that's that!  Hello, are you all still alive? :D
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Pange's Journal

My subscription to deviantART ends on February 1st and since funds are low, I won't be subscribing again until I earn some spare money.  You should take this wonderful opportunity to spam my shoutbox before it disappears.  ^_~

I've been playing around with pencil crayons and did a still life that looks nothing like anything I've ever done before.  I feel like it should be hung up in a kitchen or something.  I also played with using pencil crayons on mylar plastic sheets.  Oh wow!  It changes the appearance of the pencil crayon so much, and it feels so smooth as you are applying the colour.  I coloured a drawing of a pear and the effect of the pencil crayon on mylar made it look like it was painted.  But then I ruined the drawing by making an intricate background.  Oops!

My studio art class was original for four hours every Thursday, but I switched to the Tuesday class with a different professor, missing the first class.  The class had eight hours of studio time and an unlimited number of home hours to complete a painting in gauche, but since I missed the first class I managed to get an extension of one week.  I used the studio time to draw from a still life arrangement of shells and spent an additional five hours at home doing the actual painting.  I really enjoyed it!  I enjoy the gauche paints, and want to pick up some more paints at some point.

I had meant to photograph the painting before I handed it in today, but I forgot.  I almost missed art class altogether but luckily my roommate noticed that I was still at home.  She knew the painting was due and when saw saw that it was still on the table, she woke me up, and even drove me to school because I was late.  She really saved me!  I'm not sure what happened to my alarm clock....

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Pange's Journal

My deviantart pageview counter has reached 20,000 hits.  Oh my goodness.  Thanks for looking, everyone!

My laptop has sure gone through a lot of issues in its short little life.

  • I lost its tablet pen and it took months of waiting before I replaced it because Gateway does not ship to Canada, and the stores that they told me I could order it from did not offer the product on their Canadian versions of their online stores.  The physical stores would not special order it for me either.  I eventually found a seller on ebay who did not list it at an expensive price.
  • I killed it falling down on an icy hill with it in my backpack.  The release button didn't work and I had to put tape over it to stop it from getting stuck shut.  But with time, this seems to have magically fixed itself...?
  • My charger broke and wouldn't charge it up.  (The replacement charger I bought on ebay is kind of mean too, actually.  I have to jiggle the part near the wall plug for it to work sometimes, even though I always pull the plug from the plug not the cord.)
  • I broke the quotation mark/apostrophe key.  It pops off constantly but luckily I can push it back in and it still functions as a normal quotation mark/apostrophe key.
    • I spilt my GRAPES on it, which were slightly wet, and caused my computer to not be able to turn on for a few days.  The touch pad was wonky but eventually started working normally.  The memory card reader never recovered from that strange incident.

I only bought it in August 2006. O_O;  My poor little lappy.  He went through another harrowing experience a few days ago.  I was in lecture, and my friend who was sitting beside me had her tea sitting between us on the armrest.  At the end of class, she stood up to leave and her elbow knocked into the cup.  Tea splashed all over the left hand side of my poor lappy. ;o;  (My jeans took most of the blow thankfully. Hot hot hot though.).  I immediately turned it and pulled out the battery.  I took my lappy home and let it rest upside down for 24 hours before testing him, and he thankfully worked fine. T^T  What a close one!

My friend was so worried and offered to pay the cost of any repairs which was very sweet of her.  Luckily that wasn't necessary and the lappy lives on.  

My lappy is immortal!  :D

I got paid from my job at the fabric store.  I was surprised because the amount I earned was larger than I expected.  It was inventory season, which involved weighing every bolt of fabric in the store.  Originally, Fabricgirls would be paid $8.00 an hour while Fabricboys would be paid $10.00 an hour.  It kind of really sucked.  It was expected that the Fabricboys would be doing more heavy lifting and should get more money, even though the Fabricgirls have to lift everything that the Fabricboys do when they weigh them on the scales.

The general system was that a Fabricgirl would run the scale.  A Fabricboy would bring bolts to the Fabricgirl, she would weigh it, and then give it back and he'd put it away.

I ran the scale in the Home Dec and Fashion section.  The fabric in the fashion section is a combination of Fall and Winter fabrics.  Has anyone lifted those wool blend bolts when shopping?  They're so huge and heavy! I know that the Fabricboys have to carry them for a longer distance, but the Fabricgirls have to carry the same bolts too.

There was talk among the Fabricgirls about how unfair this was but nothing was brought up to the manager about this at that time.  I finished my time at the store and went back to my regular old scholarly life.  Apparently while I was gone, there was a FABRICBATTLE.  (Okay, the girls just talked to the manager, which is slightly less epic.)  The result?  We were given our extra $2.00 an hour for the inventory shifts.  Yeah!  <3

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Pange's Journal

Wow, it's been a while!  I hadn't logged into deviantART for three weeks!  And even before that, when I logged in, I wasn't exactly keeping up with my messages.  There were hundreds of deviations and almost a thousand messages.  O_O  I started going through them, but some of them were so old.  I decided to just clear out and start new, so sorry if I didn't thank you for a comment.  Please forgive me!  <3

I haven't really been keeping up with any of my online life, like blogging.  I've decided that I'm going to restart my personal blog and remove all my old entries from public view.  I have stuff on it from the beginning of highschool, and having it hang around is kind of embarrassing.  I have an exciting idea for how I want to rework it, utilizing it more for the site's secondary purpose: a showcase of art and writing as it is completed, with a de-emphasis on daily noodle entries.  Who cares about such mundane discussion anyway?  [I ate toast for breakfast.  So exciting!]

My laptop is on the fritz and my poor photographs and in-progress designs are trapped on it.  I wish I had backups!  I'm really worried....

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New Camera, Cosplay, and Mother's Day

Sat May 12, 2007, 9:18 AM
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Pange's Journal

Ahh, I'm so excited!  I finally was able to purchase my new camera because of a fabulous situation.  My sister was in the market for a new camera and she really liked mine, mostly just because I had that one.  "I want the same one that Angela has," she'd say all the time.  I thought the idea was really silly.  Why have two camera models exactly the same in the same house, ruining the potential for sharing the cameras for different purposes.

I proposed selling my camera to Laura, so instead of having the same one I had, she'd physically own my camera.  Mom loved the idea because she wouldn't have to teach Laura how to use it, and I'd be able to give her my memory cards.  The camera was around $700 when I got it, and Laura's going to give me $500 for it.  I would never have been able to sell my camera and get that much for it elsewhere.  I'm giving her all my accessories too though for free (like me newest $130 memory card which won't work on my new camera T_T).  

The $500 will really help offset the cost of the camera I purchased.  It's the Canon Digital Rebel XTi.…;^_^  I bought it as a kit so I have one zoom lense to start me off.  I'm in love with it already although I've only taken photos in my bedroom so far.  I hope that I can do a nature photoshoot soon.

Anime North is getting closer and closer!  I've been working on costumes with my partner in crime Mishler !  I think our costumes are super cute; we're being elegant gothic lolita ladies.  Ruffles ahoy!  I'm jealous of her umbrella making skills.  XD  *bows at her feet*

I forgot it was Mother's Day today!  =O  I'm going to make dinner for her tonight, so I hope she'll like it.  I'm thinking of making really tasty wraps. ^.^

What's new at Thought Bubble?

New item for sale: Family of Leafies - 7x5 Painting - $15.00 US!

New item for sale: Cheeky Cherry Cupcake - 5x7 Painting - $10.00 US!

New item for sale: Demon Angel Crush - 7 x 9 Painting - $20.00 US

Thought Bubble's website is now online!
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Pange's Journal

I'm going home in a few days, so I'm pretty excited!  I can tell already that I'm going to be super busy, but I suppose that's what breaks are for!  I'm not sure when my essay is going to be able to happen.  O_o

DA avatars are really odd for me today.  People on my friendslists avatars have changed for me.  O_o  :devpolumu-hime: has mr-darlington 's,  mr-darlington has Creamlistner11092 's avatar, and Creamlistner11092 has TheRiceHatSamurai , TheChard has GutterFlowerGirl 's, but GutterFlowerGirl has her own.  It's messed up!  I keep on getting confused about who is who on new deviations and comments.  O_o  everyone who is my friend before GutterFlowerGirl appears to be normal.  I don't understand!

I'm working on Periodic Motif, a writing community.  Please watch out for it, particularly if you are a writer or a reader!

What's new at Thought Bubble?

New item for sale: Family of Leafies - 7x5 Painting - $15.00 US!

New item for sale: Cheeky Cherry Cupcake - 5x7 Painting - $10.00 US!

New item for sale: Demon Angel Crush - 7 x 9 Painting - $20.00 US

Thought Bubble's website is now online!
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School, Subscription, and Etsy

Thu Feb 1, 2007, 6:48 PM
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Pange's Journal

Wow, it's been a long time since I last posted!  Last time I wrote a journal, it was the very beginning of Christmas holidays.  Now, holidays have been over for a long time, and I'm three weeks away from the half way point of second semester.  Yikes!  Midterms are coming up!

I decided to purchase a subscription because I'm on deviantart practically every day so I wanted to unlock the bonus features.  ^_^  I've drawn some little Blobs in Flash to use as headers for the different sections of my journal.  I figured I'd include some links to Thought Bubble news on here, and my current favourite pieces of art from my gallery.  

I've been putting more long time into developing items for Thought Bubble, and just drawing and crafting in general.  My Etsy shop has two new items in it.  My room is really cluttered right now from all sorts of in-progress paintings, sewing projects, and crafty stuff.

New items should be posted here on DA and Etsy soon!  ^_^

What's new at Thought Bubble?

New item for sale: Cheeky Cherry Cupcake - 5x7 Painting - $10.00 US!

New item for sale: Demon Angel Crush - 7 x 9 Painting - $20.00 US

Thought Bubble's website is now online!
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Woot, I'm on holidays!  I've been officially on them since December 9th, but I've been enjoying my time off.  Whether with friends or staying home and cozying up with my game boy or a crafty project, it has been good times.  =3

I'm really into knitting at the moment.  I've produced three scarves since I've been home.  (I hope the recipients like the designs and wear them! XD  I kind of fear they'll be tossed into the closet and never see the light of day.  XD)

My sleep schedule's really messed up at the moment, because I've been pulling all-nighters, and then sleeping during the day until 3pm a lot.  =/   I need to regularize myself since exams are over and all-nighters aren't necessary anymore.  But but, I hate being awake during the day.  XD  Everything's so....noisy.  I get so much more done when I sleep when everyone else in the house is being loud (I can sleep through anything, lol).

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Thank you everyone who has visited my DA userpage!  I've made it to 10,000 views!  And the winner is:


Her kiriban prize will be posted within the next few days.  ^_^  

Mishler is awesome for catching 10,001, so I'm going to do something for her too!  Mwiiiiish, request something!  ^_^

Alrighty, so I obtained my first mark on one of my submitted poems.  "Early Bedtime" was graded 8.1/10, which is pretty exciting.  I hope my other poems do well as well!  This week's poem is any format of our choice, which leads to a lot of creative choice!  I have a concept already, but choosing a format that will suit it is going to take some time.  ^_^;  I'll try my best.  

I have one essay due this Tuesday, and another due the Monday following that.  Aieee!  So today, I'm concentrating on the first.  Unfortunately, my poem is also due on the same day.... how stressful!

I can't wait for November.  :heart:  I've actually examined my calendar more closely, and November won't be as bad as I thought.  I have a History term paper due, and my Children's Lit midterm test.  Some other small assignments are scattered throughout.  But really, October is much worse, and I'm already almost done it!  :heart: Take that, October!  I just have to survive the two essays, then things will be fine for a while.

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I just noticed how close I am to my 10,000 page views here on deviantart!  How exciting!  I haven't done a kiriban prize in a long time, but what page view is more important than the big ol' four zeroes?  

So, if you stumble upon my page and see the counter with 10,000 on it (or a number close after if no one catches it), then take a screenshot, and I'll take a request for anything you want.  Original or fan art, short story, fan fiction, poetry, whatever you would like (within reason, use common sense XD).

I'm participating in NANO!  (National Novel Writing Month)  … anyone want to join me in the painful but satisfying quest to write a 50,000 word novella in 30 days?  (It's only 1667 words per day, not as large as it sounds.)

I'm excited to be trying it.  I may not do well, seeing as well...I have essays and projects all through November.  But, I'm going to try to do it!  I'll be writing a story called 100 White Envelopes, a tale I've been dying to spin for so long.  Sure, the story will be rushed in such a tight time frame, but the time restriction will force me to actually write it!  I can always edit and fine tune later once time permits.

If you do decide to do it, add me to your friends list on NANO!  My username is 'Pange' (how absolutely typical of me!)… I'll add you back.  ^_^

I have a huge test on Thursday, so tomorrow, I'll be studying all day!  I'm going to start tonight to do get a start on the readings.  (I'm a horrible person for not doing it on Reading Week, I know.)
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I'm on reading week, so I've been off school for the past week!  Unfortunately, it's nearing the end of my "vacation," and I didn't get what I planned on getting done in the least.  However, I got to hang out with both :iconmishler: and :iconmissdavies:, so that was awesome.  ^_^  Much fun was had.

What did happen however was a whole lot of not-reading.  It's Friday night, and I have done none of my work.  I've done my reading for my Arthurian class....but I have work for four other classes that also need to be done.  Agh!

But anywhoo, I've done a little web work.  Not much, but some:

Magitek Designs - new design!  v22!
Sparkle Sparkle - v2!


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Packing can be stressful, but I've got three boxes packed so far - kitchen stuff, school supply stuff, and misc. stuff.  XD  I've also got my own mini-fridge this year - it's very cute!  I just need to pack up my large items, like my sewing machine, computer, printer, and laptop. craft bins.  =O  They are monstrosities of stuff, so I can't take it all, of course.  So I'm going to have to go through it frugally and decide what craftiness I need to take with me.  I need to take my Thought Bubble merchandise with me, and all my supplies for making future Thought Bubble things.

It's tough work!  But there are only a few days until I have to move, and the anime convention the day before I move.  Ack!

Magitek Designs is back online, officially!  Well, it's been back for a few weeks now, but it was frozen.  I couldn't actually make any updates. But now I can, so all is well.  Woot!

:iconmishler: and I are working on a collaborative project!  It's very exciting - we've written a little book, and we're both illustrating it.  So much fun!

It's my sister's birthday today, so I'm off to finish working on her present.  And I joined a Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne club!  :heart:

:iconkkj-club: :iconseafood-soup:
I'll admit it.  I hated deviantART's redesign when I first viewed it.  Not because of the design itself; I actually think that the header is really pretty, and the redesign of the user pages is pretty intuitive.  The thing that killed me was that it originally wasn't compatible in Opera, which is my browser of choice.

*much love to Opera*

So when all pages of deviantART loaded with a strange grey box covering a major portion of the screen, and the scroll-wheel of the mouse never working (it always went down rather than the direction you scrolled), I was extremely sad. Woeful even!  

But today, I came home, and the problem was miraculously gone.  Huzzah!  Everything seems rather nice and peachy now.

(I'd like to take a moment to say:  "I love rounded corners!"  *pets the devART header*)

It's far too hot in my room. It's the most hot room in the house because of my computer, I think.  I might sleep in the sewing room tonight instead of my room since it's so stuffy.

Speaking of sewing, I've been designing more applique designs for my venture into tote bag style purses!  I'm selling them at Thought Bubble for pretty low prices.  I made a bag for :iconmishler: and I'm working on an identical bag for :iconmissdavies: in alternate fabrics.  XD  They have a skull and crossbone motif on their fronts!

Right now, I'm working on a striped blue, black, and grey purse with an arrow on the front.  It's kind of like patchwork, but not quite

I really want to make a tiny appliqued skirt for :iconenmirii:'s Nyria!  I think it would be cute!  XD  I just have to practice making tiny appliques.  @_@
I have a laptop!  It's so pretty.  XD  It's silver and black,'s a TABLET PC!  Yeah!!  This is incredibly exciting.  I purchased it for university; in many of my classes, I was one of the few without a computerized method of taking notes.  (Oh, too poor I was last year.  Maybe because I bought two dolls?  @_@)  My plans to purchase a new girl have been postponed for a while; this computer cost me half of my savings, and I'll need the rest for expenses.  O_O;;

It's exciting to be able to use the internet all over my house though.  (We have a wireless router, so I'm able to connect everywhere.  XD)  I'm not used to being mouseless wrists keep on touching the touch-pad, so my pointer often gets pushed were it doesn't belong.

I'm almost done editing my comic, Ivory!  So exciting!  ^_^  It's a 16 page long comic that I've been working on for...quite some time now.  It's black and white, but fully shaded.  I'm actually planning on tinting it green for a little bit more visual interest.  Three pages are left~!

Magitek Designs is still in rough shape.  I don't know when it's going to be fixed.  It makes me kind of depressed.  I made a new user, and it worked for a few days, but now it's back to being non-existant.  I'm going to try to make a new layout today for it, one that doesn't have mySQL queries on every page.

Hum.  I don't know what else to do about it.   @_@
*breathes deeply*

It's done!  I've been trying to catch up on my deviantART messages for so long!  I've gotten through my unviewed Deviations section, and I've thanked everyone who favourited my works in the past two months.  I felt awful, but I left that stacked up since the end of May!  (Hmm, that exactly matches up when I opened my Etsy shop!  XD  Could this be a connection?)  There were eighty misc. messages in my box from favourites and some of my deviations hitting over 1000 views.  O_O

1000 views?  Ahhhh!

Those are my brushsets, lol.  They just seem to accumulate more and more downloads here on deviantART, and more watchers because of them.  Not many of those watchers comment on the new brushsets though.  ^^;;  Oh well.

As you can probably tell from my recent submissions, my computer decided to let me upload photographs from my memory cards again!  Yay!

I also bought a new memory card for my camera recently.  I previously had a 16MB card and a 512MB card, but now....I have a 2GB card!  It makes me so happy!  I was always filling my cards with photos so easily with the 512MB in a day, but now, I haven't completely filled the 2 gigger once.  I love having the security of empty space on it, plus the 512GB one lives in my purse.

Haha, I was looking through my gallery and my scraps at my early photographs, and they are pretty awful:… hehe, I had thought that one was so great when I first started taking photos!  I'm getting better, I think, but I hope I can still keep improving more and more.  @_@

I've been sewing up a storm lately!  I'm working on several purses for Thought Bubble, and I completed a tiny pencil case - my first ever!  It even has a zipper inside.  (My first zipper ever too!)  I hope that I can improve my sewing; applique is so much fun, but my lines aren't perfect.  I just hope that people out there will be willing to buy my merchandise.  ;-;  I've got to start somewhere!

I've made a bird applique, and a girly-pink polka dot skull and cross bones applique.  The pencil case has an arrow on it in bright blue on black denim.  Fun stuff!

I'm getting back to practice now, and then later, I'm going to try to catch up on the 259 comments in my deviantBOX.  *dies*  How do I let things get out of hand?

Ah, Magitek Designs is being throttled! … not up because so many people are requesting pages within such a small timeframe.  


Originally, it went to a black and white "Server is Experiencing Capacity Problems" page, or something similar.  Last night, I looked up how to change a 503 error page, which wasn't too difficult.  I whipped up that blue "Sorry" page, so it at least doesn't sound as scary as the other page, and gave link outs to my affiliates, and some of my other websites.  

Harrumph.  This stinks.  I'm going to try to downloading my Paint Shop Pro brushes from Brushes by Pange, at least, and then finally zip them and upload them here at DA.  [I'm really sorry if I fill your devWatch with about....15 or so brushsets.  XD]  That way, those can still be downloaded here.

Um, um.  What else...

With Magitek Designs out of the picture temporarily, my adsense earnings are going so horribly!  I rely on adsense for my earnings...during the school year, the reason I can I eat food is because of my adsense cheques.  Without it, I'm a poor, poor Pange.

Today, instead of the usual 15 or so dollars (US currency!!), I made 37 cents.  Oh my!!  That's awful!  Faux Finishing, my wallpaper website, was raking in most of the cash for me, as its my most popular.  A lot of search engines are still linking to its old location on, so I might just download the site, upload it back up there, and see if it'll make a difference.  I don't know how long the site will be throttled for...but if so, when I move back to North Bay in September, money's going to be so tight.

I really hope hope hope that I can sell items at Thought Bubble.

Hmm, does anyone use an HP Scanner/Printer combo?  I use its card slots to take my photos off my camera's memory card, but for some reason, it has stopped recognizing my card.  Any ideas?  =X  I have so many photo-related things to upload here to DA, and to send to friends.

Computers hate my life lately.  XD

I have private messages on MDF, but with the throttle on, I have no idea what it all says.  =/  Hmmm....

:iconhamaru: tagged me.  XD  Wahhh!

RULES: The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours....

1) Other people's bathrooms freak me out.  especially public bathrooms, they're really scary.

2) I start my day with cheerios of some kind every day.  It drives me crazy that Tom doesn't eat breakfast, because when I stay over, I can't eat cheerios.  Love love love for the good ol' honey nut cheerios!

3) You can often find a banana in my purse.  I call him, "Purse Banana!"  I eat him when I get hungry, and when I bring him out, people wonder why I always seem to have one.  Purse Banana reincarnates, as all replacing bananas are also named Purse Banana.  Yeah!  

4)  My mother thinks I'm a strange girl because of things like Purse Banana, and also my fascination with all things polka-dot.  Polka-dots are so cute!  Stripes too....  She also thinks its strange that I play video games that are from 1992/1994 (Final Fantasy IV and VI, anyone?  :D :D :D)

5)  I spend too much of fabric, and usually don't end up finishing my projects.  Yesterday, I purchased 80 dollars with of fabric - it's my goal to actually use it.  it's Galaxy Twill!  I adore Galaxy Twill!

6)  I addictively check my Etsy store to see if anyone has looked at any of my items.

Phew.  Now I have to tag people?

:iconenmirii: :iconmissdavies: :iconmishler: :iconns-designs:  :iconmr-darlington:  :iconcheshiretink:
I feel like I've fallen behind on the internet again.  I haven't blogged in ages, answered email for a long while, gone on msn for an extended period of time (ten to twenty minutes at most), or worked on many of my web projects outside of the MD graphic network.  Deviantart is the same way; I've got over three hundred message center items right now.  It seems like I just cleared out the new deviations, and yet there are tons sitting in there again!  Ah!

I don't know how you people keep up.  XD

But that's besides the point.  I'm very excited about my new doll!  Like Antoinette, I chose another Souldoll girly, because, well, I love the moulds, and that way, the dolls can easily share clothes without alteration.  (Yes, I'm cheap, I can't afford separate wardrobes ;P)  This doll is a Souldoll Harang model who I've named Rosalin (Rin for short because I'm hip like that ;P).  Rin arrived in Oshawa recently, however, I can't pick her up until February 20th, which is the most recent time that I'm going home.  Gah!  So now, I can only make clothes for my new dolly from afar and wish that the time will go by faster.

Money is becoming an extreme issue, despite my luck with tuition.  I had to pay $0.00 for tuition this semester!  My scholarships covered everything, and I even get money back from it.  (Not loan money, but actual grant money! Yay!)  Although, until that money actually arrives, I am in the poor house.  I have less than ten dollars in my bank account, meaning no food until the grant money is deposited into my account.  Luckily, I don't mind living off of 33 cent mr noodle packets and buttered bread until then!

I really really really hope that my income from google adsense will be substantial this month.  I need to pay for my dreamhost hosting soon.  I've almost enough already allocated into my account; I'm fifty dollars US short.

I just got out of a two hour Canadian history lecture, and I'm about to step into another two hour history lecture (but European this time), so I'd better go find myself some food to eat!  Ta ta!
I finished my semester one classes a few days ago!  It feels great to have every essay out of the way.  

I have one exam left!  Computer Science on's going to be scary but I'm going to study and work hard to do well.

I was tagged by :iconmishler: so here I go!

10 things you like (in no particular order)

1.  drawing
2.  web design
3.  code in general...yummy.  (is it weird that code = delicious?)
4.  saying, "double dang" after someone says "dang"
5.  dollies
6.  anime and manga
7.  taking photos
8.  mommy-moo
9.  tupperware and colourful dishes
10.  annnnnd Tom Tom

3 things that make you happy:

1. sleeping
2. Tom's calls
3. the world

3 things that anger you

1. super easy pink lego.  >_>  omgwth. >_>
2. put-downs.  le sad.
3.  um um um.  can't think of anymore!

10 things that you hate:

1.  updating my deviant journal ^___~
2.  file compression...if only everything would just be nice and tidy and look nice!
3.  guestbook flame entries.  I got one the other day from  XDXDXD  (haha, so obviously fake ;D)
4.  unappreciative people?
5.  filling hate lists because I can never think of things I hate...
6.  direct-linkers
7.  seeing tutorials for iframes describing frames, and frames describing iframes - they're totally different, people!
8.  checking my email and finding hundreds of unread messages.  Makes me discouraged from answering any at all.  [This is my current status: 600 unread messages.  =(]
9.  forgetting to check the mail when I clearly had the mail key in my hand.
10.  being ignored.

3 facts about your name:

1. Almost everyone I know drops the "la" on the end.
2. I was almost named Stephanie and Jenna.  [Being bestfriends with a Stephanie growing up would have been weird, Stephanie twins there ;P]
3. both my first and middle names have three syllables.

5 facts about yourself:
1. I'm super perky and excitable
2. I'm a hermit most of the time and have to be prodded to leave my hermit hole.
3. I'm like a big kid most of the time.  
4. I rarely remember my dreams.
5. I've only left Canada once.

2 things you expect

1. to go to Oshawa on Friday!  <3
2.  to sleep lots and lots and lots and lots...and for my strep throat to disappear completely very soon!

4 random thoughts:
1. Alfredo is upside down and stuck to my monitor with sticky-tack!
2. I need to refill my juice.
3. What fruit is pink?
4. I think Rosalin would be a nice name for my new souldoll.  XD  [Yes, another dolly is on her way to me!  XD]

Song you're listening to:
Beck - The New Pollution

I will tag :iconthumbalea: and :iconenmirii:!
I've been uploading a lot of photography lately.  It's because I went on a photoshoot recently, and am very slowly uploading them to DA.  XD  Sorry about the deluge!  ^___~

Web Comic updates:  

Yum Yum Girl's script writing is going pretty slow.  Gah, gah, gah.  I did work on a splash page for the site!  ^___^  Check it out, flash-filled goodness for the opening!  Woot!  [That is all.  :|  Need to work on the new page design, so it's a 404 at the moment.  XD]

Single Wish's script is complete!  It's slotted at 25 full colour pages, plus title page.  I've drawn the first six pages, and coloured page one.  I think I'm going to attempt to finish this comic up so that I can concentrate fully on Yum Yum Girl.  Single Wish is somewhat abstract for a romance comic, but I hope that people will still enjoy it.  =3

I was tagged by :iconenmirii:!  I thought I wouldn't have to write about 20 facts about me.  XD  Ah well, here I go!

1.  I have a mother, a father, two sisters, and a brother.
2.  I lived in the same house my entire life before moving to my University residence.
3.  I am an English major taking Computer Science courses...getting better grades in it than some of the math majors. ^_~  It's pretty cool!
4.  I'm very comfortable in my routines, so I have to be prodded to try new things.
5.  I'm currently procrastinating on writing two essays.
6.  I'm in love.  :heart:
7.  I miss my friends at home a lot.  ;-;
8.  I failed a test last week.  =X Gahhhh.
9.  I love to eat Mr. Noodles despite their lack of nutrition.
10.  I love design; graphic, web, interior, furnishing (I've got the math skills for the last, but not the tools or skills.  I really want to learn how to use the tools.  I draw furniture designs a lot XD)
11.  I own a non-sensically expensive doll who I love to make outfits for and photograph.
12.  My change pursing is swelling with pennies.  My bill compartment is not.  =/  *poor*
13.  I own more skirts than I do pants.  A problem in North Bay, it seems.  It's chilly October! It snowed for about an hour, darnit! XD  And we had to scrape frost off the windshield to drive!  That just should not be!
14.  I am one of the few people in my townhouse that does not have an addiction to Tim Hortins coffee.
15.  I am becoming more serious about collecting anime boxsets.  Especially with the newfangled Slim Boxsets.  So cheap and nice.  *pets expensive Spiral boxset*
16.  My scanner, camera, and tablet are my favourite computer peripherals.  Paint Shop Pro is my favourite design program, with Photoshop Elements and Macromedia Flash following close behind.  I confuse people by having two mice plugged in.
17.  I hate pajamas.
18.  I live with five girls in a place with only one shower.  It can be brutal.
19.  I'm the only one in the house that brought floss.  [I was congratulated for being hygenic!  XD]
20.  I'm in the process of decorating my room.  I'm tired of seeing my walls as blank canvases.

There!  it was so hard to come up with 20 things with no guidelines to follow.

I will taaaaaag..... :iconmissdavies: and :iconmishler:!  Fear my tag!  XD
I haven't written an entry in my journal for a long time, so I figured I should give it a shot!

Well, I'm in school now for an English Studies major.  I've been keeping up with my readings and my assignments, and I'm quite happy here! Sometimes it's a bit lonely being away from my friends at home but I'm enduring it.

I'm excited to come home in October!  ^_^  The seventh is my last day of class, so I should be home by the end of the day after the four-five hour car ride.  It seems that I have a lot to look forward to.  I can't wait to see everyone who is still living at home again!  <3

I have been pumping out art like a madwoman lately.  Not being able to download anime to watch has made me into a creative machine.  ^_~ Although I did illegally download Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children!  I turned Bit Torrent down to only download at 5kbs a second because at school we're not supposed to download any sort of movies...I figured I'd download it, but at a ridiculously slow pace so that I wasn't consuming too much bandwidth on the connection (which could get my knocked off the free network). I signed a waver at the beginning of the year ^^;;  I risked it all to be able to watch it!  I'm planning on watching it today after I get home from Latin class.

Where was I going with all that?  Someone my subject turned from art to Final Fantasy!  But in any case, residence is a great place to work on art, and all of my roommates like to give me advice, it's a great place!

I've been working on Yum Yum Girl again!  I haven't drawn anything for it in a long time, besides a cutesy sketch of Buddy and Umi that I submitted recently.  I've been typing away the plotlines and themes in Wordperfect, and I'm polishing the plot and details before I start drawing it again.  I'm redoing all of the pages that I have started, and I'm doing the introduction to the comic completely differently from what I had done before.  The pacing of the original plan was much too fast.  I think my new plan will be better.  ^_^

So yes!  That's my life!